Lovely Ladies

This hand-tinted card dates from the late 1890s. One wonders why this Shirley Temple lookalike is wearing a wedding ring.


This postcard was made in France, but sent from Belguim in 1912. It depicts either an Ideal A3 or A4.

Sent from France in 1928. I don't know whether Vive Ste Anne was a person, a fashion company, or what, but the name has cropped up a few times on various postcards I've seen. It appears to be the same woman in all of them. Anyone out there know anything about Vive Ste Anne?

1912 Commercial Visible postcard

Postmarked Viroqua, Wisconsin, in 1912, this scene featuring a Commercial Visible No.6 was probably an advertising giveaway for either a typewriter dealer or a service that provided typists to businesses. Other examples of this card do not feature the writing across the front, which is in a different hand than wrote the message on the back.