Hanky-Panky in the Office


Typewriters are Aphrodisiacs

A common theme in humorous postcards of the late 1800s and early 1900s is that of the boss fooling around with his typist. Many of these postcards take advantage of the pun that the typewriter operator was also called a typewriter. It's like all those bars you see in college towns called The Library. "See you later, Mom. I'm going to the Library for a few hours." Har-har. The subject began to die off around the 1920s (though the office itself remained staunchly sexist for decades beyond) and would be unthinkable in context of today's business culture. Let us for a moment set aside political correctness and enjoy some old-time bawdy, office hanky-panky humor.

As as aside, I'd like to point out that you never see postcards of bosses overcome with passion at the sight of their secretary operating a computer workstation. I'm just sayin'.

Hot Time Oliver
Notice how the table, typewriter, door, and possibly the entire background have been drawn in. It's possible this setup was restaged for many different scenarios.


The following two are part of a series that goes to extremes to incorporate typewriter-related puns into the story of a boss attempting to seduce his secretary.


It doesn't look as though she's trying too much to resist his advances.


Another pair from a series:

The tables are turned!


Royal Bar-Lock, Get Out!
The typewriter is a Royal Bar-Lock.


Lastly, the result of too much typewriter hanky-panky.